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High-level educational experiences that empower changemakers to create ethical & sustainable impact around the world!

We have heard the critiques of missions

and so often they are valid and righteous and true.

If you've ever worked cross-culturally, you'll understand the tension that exists when your mind is challenged by a new experience. Ideas that were once absolutes can no longer exist in a simplistic narrative and the messiness of learning and unlearning different ways of living of thinking is a long, intimate process.

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At Kindred Exchange, we believe there is a better path forward.

We're a community seeking to see the global Kingdom of God flourish through authentic relationships, humble connections, and ethical partnerships.

Invest in your Impact

1:1 Coaching

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One-on-one high-level coaching for social enterprise and nonprofit founders seeking to invest in their impact and scale their mission.


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Self-guided courses that are designed to challenge and guide you down the road of ethical impact.

The Blog

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The Kindred Blog is a safe space for our community to engage in challenging conversations with empathy, knowledge, and courage.


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By investing in national entrepreneurs, we can witness the Kingdom grow through faith-based employment and dignified job creation.

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