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Co-founders, Lauren & Abby, met in 2019 and quickly bonded over their shared experiences of working internationally. They both felt that they had been forever changed by their friendships spanning the globe and appreciated the way in which business had allowed them to share equitable relationships with people abroad.


If you've ever worked cross-culturally, you'll understand the tension that exists when your mind is challenged by a new experience. Ideas that were once absolutes can no longer exist in a simplistic narrative and the messiness of learning and unlearning different ways of living of thinking is a long, intimate process.


Kindred Exchange was created to be a safe place for us to journey together through some challenging conversations around the topic of modern missions. 

We are deeply committed to the mission of God through personal relationships and we want to pursue that relationship with you just as much as we want to pursue those relationships with our neighbors in other countries around the world.

We know that our missional engagement has sometimes done more harm than good. We want to hold the critiques of evangelical missions seriously in one hand while holding onto the Great Commission with the other.
If you're willing to step into this challenge with us, we know we will witness the Kingdom of God grow in our own hearts as well as across the nations! 

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we exist to facilitate learning opportunities for the missional body of christ, equipping individuals with tools and frameworks that promote integrity and authenticity in cross-cultural engagement.