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High-level consulting for nonprofit & business leaders ready to scale their mission ethically & sustainably.

You're passionate, driven, determined to make this world a better place.

And you've got an idea you know will do just that. That's when the imposter syndrome starts to set in.

You know that a business or a nonprofit is your next step forward in your ministry, but your skills don’t feel related to what you need to get this machine moving.

We've been there too. But here's what we believe...


You were made for this!

We all came to the business and nonprofit world by surprise as well, and we’re here to help you navigate the unknowns while being your BIGGEST cheerleaders.

Consulting Is For You If...


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Meet Our Consultants

Dr. Lauren Pinkston

The big question Lauren always likes to ask is, But will this last? She holds a PhD in International Family and Community Studies, but during her 5 years in SE Asia she learned that all the books in the world can’t teach what the people in front of you can.

As you consider your hopes and dreams, Lauren will ask you the hard questions to make sure you have a way to see those plans through for years to come without burning out in your passion.


Rob Touchstone

Rob can fill out business canvases in his sleep. An unconventional (but natural) entrepreneur, Rob found his way to the business world after 16 years in pastoral care. He learned business through practice when he launched The Well Coffeehouse in Nashville, Tennessee (now with 5 locations). 

Rob will walk you through the critical questions of your business or nonprofit design to make sure money will flow through your outreach channels. You’ll really love seeing ALL your plans on a single, one-page canvas!

Dr. Aaron Wheeler

Aaron spent 7 years living in East Asia where he lived and breathed the challenges of running an organization cross-culturally. With a PhD in Intercultural Studies, he’s ready to walk with you through your mission and’s his sweet spot as an Enneagram 1! 

Aaron’s sessions will pack a 1,2-punch of mission modeling, exploring how your purpose aligns with the concepts of mission as well as recognizing what God is already doing in the place and among the people you serve.

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Abby Littlefield

As the Creative Director for Kindred Exchange, Abby is to blame for all the aesthetic beauty you see flowing through our website and online channels. She has worked with multiple startups to create branding packages, strategic marketing tools, and custom websites. Abby is also the founder of Ember Designs, a brand and web design company that provides passionate founders with holistic design experiences. 


Whether you need a custom website, a rebrand, or strategic marketing advice, Abby will walk with you to meet your goals and achieve your vision! (Additional fees apply for website design)

What Students Are Saying

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"I needed voices and experience of people I trust to help me navigate turning my vision into a thoughtful, ethical work. Kindred Exchange came alongside me with tools, knowledge, and empowerment, creating the momentum needed to establish my nonprofit that is now active in Uganda." 

- Lori Manry, Founder of Dwell Uganda


"Lauren is attentive, understanding and committed to development work. She is a hard worker, kind, and puts her whole heart into everything she does. She is good listener and the kind of mentor that helps you make your dreams come true. She is always so supportive and is such a blessing from God. She is my wonder woman!"

- Pui, Founder of Urban Cotton


"Abby was so patient with us through this process. Her suggestions, knowledge, and expertise have been exactly what we have needed. We are just so thankful that God gave us someone that knows and understands the work we are doing."

- Courtney Shuman, Harakati Coffee

Packages and Pricing


3 Sessions

$450 | Payment Plans Available
With this option, you'll receive 3 one-on-one coaching calls with one of our coaches.


6 Sessions

$850 | Payment Plans Available
With this option, you'll receive 6 one-on-one coaching calls with up to 2 of our coaches.


12 Sessions

$1,800 | Payment Plans Available
With this option, you'll receive 12 one-on-one coaching calls with up to 3 of our coaches.


Invite Others To Partner With You.

We offer personal fundraising platforms for everyone that signs up for consulting with us. We want this investment to be possible for anyone that's ready to grow their impact!

Here's How this Works

Schedule a Call

If you're interested in 1:1 coaching, schedule a free call with us and we will answer any questions you may have and set you up with the right consultant!