Erin Gupton

Content Editor

Erin’s love for cross-cultural interactions began at a young age, but grew into a passion in college through her relationship with Saba. She first travelled to the Caribbean island in 2012 with a short-term mission group and has continued since. From 2014-2019, Erin worked for a non-profit organizing short-term mission efforts for university students, training volunteer team leaders, leading teams to domestic and international locations, and communicating with host partners around the globe. These experiences awoke a desire to foster community across cultures and differences, creating sustainable efforts rooted in genuine care. 


A Knoxville, TN native, Erin moved to Nashville in 2010 to attend Lipscomb University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Leadership and Organizational Communication (2014) and later earned a Master of Arts in Civic Leadership (2018). She is now a Marketing Assistant at Barge Design Solutions. 

Erin loves outdoor activities, the company of friends, traveling, and creative pursuits, and she’ll take just about any opportunity to go to Baja Burrito or Trader Joe’s.