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Meet Esther & Lydia

Esther and Lydia are 2 friends looking to partner to start a restaurant together that provides job opportunities for young people in their community.

When starting a business one must ask two questions: 1. Is there a need I can fill? 2. If not, what is a need that I can fill better than anyone else? When asking these questions, Esther and Lydia identified two needs: young women who were semi-trained in catering and food services but lacked hands-on experience and women who did have jobs in the food services, but were not empowered or trained to open their own restaurants. Their vision of Deliz Restaurant is to provide internships to students to enable them to be competitive in the job market and to support their community by buying produce at a fair market price and also creating job opportunities.

Click the button below to hear Lydia and Esther explain their business idea.

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1:1 companionship & support


Monthly business group trainings

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Business resources and materials

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Laptops & internet access

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Potential access to start-up funding


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