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Our Impact

We exist to help you do missions ethically and sustainably across cultures.

We've heard the critiques of missions.

And so often, they are valid, right, and true. If you've ever worked cross-culturally, you'll understand the tension that exists when your mind is challenged by a new experience. Ideas that were once absolutes can no longer exist in a simplistic narrative and the messiness of learning and unlearning different ways of living of thinking is a long, intimate process.


How do we do missions in the most ethical & sustainable way possible?

What does it mean to engage the Body and the Spirit in missions?

We believe it is impossible to separate a person’s physical and spiritual self, and that the two distinct parts of humans develop a whole being pursued by God. That’s why we approach our message of spiritual freedom through the lens of practice in economic freedom. 

Why combine business and missions?

The majority of the world’s human exploitation stems from greed and economic disempowerment. We believe that good businesses provide an immediate solution to financial stress that often leads to poor healthcare, education, and unfortunate abuse.

How do we serve well?

So often, even with good intentions to serve, we place ourselves at the center of both mission efforts and community development strategies. When these activities are not informed by the local culture with national voices at the helm, we miss an opportunity to sustain any true transformation in a community. At Kindred Exchange, we encourage those with a cross-cultural business or nonprofit activity to consider the impact of that work through the eyes of the established community where they work.

How do we keep the people we’re serving in the center of our missions design?

It takes practice and intention to remove ourselves from program design while also showing up fully with our experiences and knowledge. We like to employ a human-centered design approach to the way we share our faith, our knowledge, and our experiences across cultures while also posturing ourselves as learners open to receiving the faith, knowledge, and experiences of that culture.


Doing missions better.


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