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Around the globe, there are thousands of underestimated and under-resourced leaders capable to leading movements to multiple disciples and broaden the Kingdom of God.

We have experienced the unique challenges of planting churches in cross-cultural settings, and we are convinced that investing in nationals is the most effective way to present the Gospel of Christ appropriately through contextualized voices.


A better way to create Impact.

By investing in national entrepreneurs, we can witness the Kingdom grow through faith-based employment and dignified job creation.


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View the profiles below to learn more about the brilliant entrepreneurs you can support. 

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Tom is looking to launch his business, Spotless Laundry Services, to provide safe work for women and to solve a big problem in his community.

Meet Tom

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Meet Esther

Esther is looking to start a restaurant that provides job opportunities for young people in her community.


Paul is looking to start a school that provides quality education, skills, and spiritual growth.

Meet Paul

OVBYE2790[1] - Opendi Mulekwa.JPG

George, a professional in agriculture, is looking to start an agribusiness with a focus in piggery.

Meet George

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Meet Hezron

Hezron is looking to start a motor vehicle service and repair workshop for his community.


Irene, a kindergarten teacher of 15+ years, is looking to start a kindergarten school around the areas of Njeru or Nile.

Meet Irene

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Meet Fionah

Fionah is looking to start a stationary and bookshop business in Jinja.

IMG_1188[1] - Tiba Money.JPG

Sam is looking to start a chicken egg hatchery community poultry farm called Raise A Chic Africa (RACA).

Meet Sam

165F5F96-4626-4509-AC67-4D598F8E1189 - Racheal kwesiga.jpeg

Meet Irene

Irene is looking to provide proper housing for her community through apartment rentals with an attached daycare center.


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+ Video updates from your entrepreneur twice a year
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+ Video updates from your entrepreneur twice a year
+ Kindred Exchange gift
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Thank you for seeing international missions with fresh eyes, lifting our national brothers and sisters to reach their capacity as leaders in their own communities!